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Orgasoft.NET is a system you can access anywhere and anytime in its full extent. Thanks to a WINDOWS-server installation that is cost effective and not personnel intensive, you can control your operation at once from anywhere - whether from your branch, from headquarters or from your vacation resort. A secured VPN connection and a sophisticated employee rights concept protect you from unauthorized changes by your employees.

Thanks to these advantages, with the help of Orgasoft.NET you can do without a costly central consolidation of hardware. Stored on a server farm of an external provider, you are spared the administration required for a high availability, your merchandise is stored in the same way as your website and you no longer have to worry about the obsolescence of your hardware and the associated unforeseen costs.

But the availability is not limited to the system. Orgasoft.NET provides you with the key information that you require to guarantee a good availability of goods in your branches. For Orgasoft.NET provides you not only with regular "fast seller - slow seller" analysis, but can even inform you on a daily basis which items were perhaps not sold because the branch employees had forgotten to move these from the warehouse and onto the shelf. In other respects, for example minimum inventory forecasting, there are some tools available to prevent expensive Out-Of-Stocks, i.e. losses in sales due to shortfalls. Your customers will thank you for this by remaining loyal to you.


Orgasoft.NET Storebility

Alongside branch specific product ranges, a sophisticated employee-specific authorization concept facilitates the individual administration of all branches. With this concept both branches and franchisees can be integrated smoothly into a company wide organization. For example, authorizations can be defined both for area managers who are responsible for various branches, as well as for the branch sales assistant who requires only reader access for the articles available in your branches.

Furthermore, Orgasoft.NET offers a great deal of convenience with regard to the central control system.

Two examples from many: new individual or shelf tickets in the event of price changes can be prepared automatically for the branches in the head office, and these can then be printed out in the branch directly as required.

In addition, the branch price leader function enables price levels to be defined for the branches, which makes it much easier to maintain the branch specific prices.

Alongside the integration of POS systems for virtually all well-known manufacturers, Signum's new ORGASOFT POS.NET solution also offers a communication concept that enables the real-time secure exchange of data between branches and head office via the internet without the need for a VPN connection. This leads to a level of quality and up-to-dateness in the branch offices that was hitherto barely feasible, achieved with low communication and administration costs.


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