eCommerce & Multichannel 

Orgasoft.NET ensures the reliable supply of your sales channels

This is where all items are imported, created and maintained and this is also where you have centralized access to all information about your items. As a leading system, Orgasoft.NET is therefore also responsible for the automatic distribution of master data and the synchronization of item databases to connected systems such as cash registers or webshops.

 Orgasoft.NET is able to map the entire structure of a webshop. Key master data such as variants, ca

marketing. A number of webshops are connected to Orgasoft.NET via the eCommerce interface.tegories, attribut

eCommerce Multichannel

es and attribute sets are managed just as effectively as the gallery or thumbnails of your items.Webshops in particular are gaining in importance in times of multi-channel 

In terms of order processing and delivery management, the eCommerce interface from Orgasoft.NET offers you a high degree of flexibility. Just as your webshop provides you with the convenience you require and the necessary functionality, you can continue to map your entire inventory and dispatch logistics in the webshop while Orgasoft.NET merely automatically processes the relevant information needed for updating the inventory and for statistical purposes.

However, you also have the option to transfer these business processes from the webshop to the inventory management system and to set up dispatch management and email communication in Orgasoft.NET.



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