Point of sale systems

In order to meet all project requirements, we offer POS systems from our partners according to the best of breed philosophy. Sophisticated and proven system integrations have been in place for many years, for example the bestpos solution for specialst traders, the pr@xis POS system software and the Vectron POS system software.


An exclusive feature which we can offer you is the option of using the inventory management system to control a number of POS systems simultaneously within a single installation and even on a branch-by-branch.

This approach enables us to integrate the POS system you are currently using into the new inventory management environment within a given project at no extra cost. With us, investing in a new inventory management system does not necessarily entail investing in new POS systems.

POS system hardware

Two criteria are especially important when answering the question which POS system hardware is suitable for our solutions:

  • High quality of the hardware
  • On-site service by qualified personnel of the manufacturer or specialist dealer

 In the case of proprietary POS systems, i.e. those which are not PC-based and in which the software is an integral component of the POS system, two further parameters must be taken into account:

  • Depth of functionality of the POS system software in accordance with the business sector
  • Well-designed and field-tested interface
  • Existing POS communication software

If all criteria are met, we do not mind which POS system is used in a project

In cooperation with our dealers, we have in recent years mainly connected POS systems from incor-Nixdorf, NCR und Vectron to Orgasoft.NET, in addition to PC components rolled out by customers.



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