Orgasoft.NET – SAP data exchange via IDoc interface

Warenwirtschaftssystem Orgasoft.NET - Modul Edifact SchnittstelleIdoc (short for Intermediate Document) is a document format for data exchange with SAP ERP system, formerly known as SAP R / 3. For the data transfer with IDoc, newer SAP systems use an XML schema, which Orgasoft.NET uses also.

The SAP / IDoc interface makes manual data transfers superfluous. This is not only time-saving. Also, the risk of errors in manual typing is deleted by the automated exchange.

Business Process Export

With the IDoc interface of Orgasoft.NET, the following business documents can be transferred from the ERP system to an SAP ERP system:

  • orders
  • orders to suppliers
  • purchases

You can initiate the transfer of the data in various ways. Especially convenient is the possibility to automatically generate and send an exchange document for each incident print in Orgasoft.NET. Alternatively, trigger the data export at a time of your choice.

For the export of a business process, Orgasoft.NET stores the corresponding file in a designated directory of the merchandise management system. It is read and processed by SAP at this storage location.



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